CFP: Ex-Centric Ireland


For a special issue of the journal Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish
Studies”(, entitled
“Ex-centric Ireland”, due to be published by Firenze University Press
by the end of 2013.

Over the last twenty years, Ireland has shifted from a flourishing
economy, culture, and society, which characterized the Celtic Tiger
years, to serious economic recession, arguably more acutely than other
European countries. As the not-so-new markets started leaving the
country to find more suitable settings to monetize their productivity,
Ireland was left with large strands of population in a state of
disillusionment, and despair. This posits the issue of considering the
cost of a massive economic improvement at the expense of its underside
“Ex-centric Ireland” will seek to collect a number of contributions
addressing issues of marginality, liminality, border-crossing,
periphery, migrating, fringe and their implications for the study of
Irish literature and culture. It will consider ex-centricity as a
heterogeneous series of complex positionings outside a centre that is
conventionally identified with normativity, identity, and truth. The
position of Ireland – historical, as well as geographical and cultural
– is going to be addresses by this challenging special issue against
the backdrop of the current drive towards a seemingly suicidal global
capitalist market on the one hand and the rise of new, marginal
attempts to shape alternative forms of non-normative locations of
resistance in language, culture, and the Arts in general.
Essays are welcome in all areas of the Humanities and Social,
Philosophical, and Political Studies. In particular, the Editors are
looking for challenging views that question the stability of
approaches, methods, and techniques in favour of dynamic, plural, and
multiple perspectives. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the
following areas of investigation:

• Theories of ex-centricity
• Representations of ex-centricity in cultural texts
• Ex-centricity and resistance
• Nationalism vs. hybridity
• Ex-centricity and post-colonialism
• Linguistic ex-centricity
• Politics of ex-centricity
• Power, subordination, and dissent
• Sexuality and Gender

• 20 November 2012: send working title and abstract of 500 words to
Dr. Samuele Grassi and Dr. Fiorenzo Fantaccini, Department of
Comparative Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, University of
Florence <>.
• 15 April 2013: finalize paper for submission to referees. Articles
must comply with the editorial norms and must not exceed 12000 words,
including endnotes and bibliography.
All articles are published in English. We strongly suggest paper are
revised by a native speaker.

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