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 A different kind of Irish Studies

Ireland, an island at Europe’s far western edge, played a vital role in the formation of Western civilisation. Ongoing emigration in the modern era has ensured that Irish cultures and identities are a dynamic global phenomenon. Such issues are at the heart of University College Cork’s new MA in Irish Studies. The programme draws on an unparalleled range of disciplinary perspectives within a strong framework of relevant theories and methodologies. The result is a distinctive and compelling intellectual experience.

Past speaks to present

Through the unifying theme of “identities and representations”, the programme investigates how Ireland’s complex and contested pasts speak to its present and to possible futures. In this programme:


• strong specially-devised core modules explore over a thousand years of Irish history and culture up to the postmodern present

• carefully selected case studies offer contexts to deepen your knowledge of Irish Studies and develop your own research interests

• study tours to spectacular and evocative sites and landscapes are a central part of the learning experience

• you investigate the potential futures of Ireland and its diaspora in an increasingly interconnected, interdependent, and globalized world

• the contributing disciplines include English, History, Irish, Sociology, Music, Geography, Archaeology, Folklore, Government, Politics and Art History

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