University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, 20-23 June 2012

The transposed and rediscovered aspects of Irish culture continue to thrive and renew themselves throughout the New World and elsewhere. The interaction of such cultures within a wider spectrum provide the opportunity to discover and celebrate a wider definition of those directions towards which Irish culture overseas is developing. The growing body of literature produced by writers of Irish origin or heritage helps focus attention on the many Irish communities outside of Ireland. In the same way, the social and political history of the Irish in North America provides ample material for our understanding of transposed and renewed ethnicity.

For the conference Cultures and Contexts in Ireland’s Diasporas, we invite proposals for papers concerning as widely as possible the various Irish diasporas as reflected in literature, language, history, folk culture, life-writing, gender studies, contemporary popular culture, and new media. We particularly welcome papers that will address aspects of Irish culture in the Francophone communities of Canada, as well as the rich heritage of the Canadian-Irish experience in general. Although all papers reflecting the Irish diasporas of North America are welcome, we also encourage the submission of proposals concerning the Irish in South America and beyond the Anglophone world.  The Organizing Committee also welcomes proposals on other Irish-related topics as well as proposals for special panels.

Nous acceptons des soumissions en français ou en anglais.
Final date for proposals:  February  15TH ,  2012

Contact: Paul W. Birt, PhD, Chair of Celtic Studies,
Arts Hall,
70, Laurier Avenue East
Room 134
Ottawa, ON Canada
K1N 6N5

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