Wednesday June 13


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The Ireland Fund Scholars & Other Conference News

On behalf of the CAIS executive, I am pleased to announce that six Ireland Fund of Canada scholarships, valued at $1250.00 each, have now been awarded to Canadian graduate students to present their research at the Canadian Association for Irish Studies (CAIS) conference on the themes of "Ireland and the Atlantic: Intercultural Contact and Conflict," to be held at Maynooth on June 22-25. The following graduate students will be designated as "Ireland Fund Scholars" in the conference program:

In addition to the Ireland Fund Scholars, two other Canadian graduate students have been designated CAIS-SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) assisted scholars, and have each been awarded a lesser bursary to present their research at Maynooth:
The conference organizing committee is also pleased to announce that the conference will feature plenary speakers from a cross-section of Irish Studies research centres in Canada, as well as a public interview with the Artistic Director of the Abbey Theatre, Ben Barnes, who will explore Irish and Canadian theatre links in a plenary session that will take place in the Abbey Theatre on the afternoon of June 23rd, 2005.

At the invitation of Cambridge Scholars Press, a proposal for an edited collection of essays based on selected conference proceedings provisionally entitled The Irish Atlantic: Intercultural Contact and Conflict will be submitted for publication.

Dr. Jason King
Maynooth CAIS 2005 Conference Convenor
Department of English, National University of Ireland, Maynooth