Tax Breaks and Travel Funds For CAIS Members

At a meeting to consider ways to improve the financial situation of CAIS and the CJIS, it was pointed out that few of our members take advantage of Canadian tax rules to offset the cost of professional activities and memberships in cultural associations like ours. We ask everyone to take advantage of Canadian tax rules that allow tax deductions for membership in professional organizations and the giving of donations to registered charities. CAIS is a registered charity. The CAIS registered Charitable Organisation number is 89050-7643-RR0001.

Because it is registered, we would encourage all members to consider donations to this organization. The preservation of cultural outlets and the effort to maintain the arts and culture are increasingly dependent on donations and the efforts of members.

Please note that there is no longer a small travel fund available for those who attend the Annual General Meeting at the annual conference, due to changes in SSHRCC funding rules implemented in 2012. SSHRC has put in place alternate ways of funding conferences, and CAIS will try to take advantage of these funds for future conferences. 


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